President's message

Creating quality employment opportunities
as a leading outsourcing company in Japan

Our corporate name changed to Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. on October 1, 2015.
Since launching our temporary staffing business over 30 years ago, by taking on contract work for a manufacturing company, we have dramatically progressed and will continue to provide new services under our new name.
Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. inherits “Nikken” from its previous name and adds “Total Sourcing” to represent our business concept of providing comprehensive human resource solutions to wide-ranging businesses.
Thank you for the years of patronage and we look forward to your support in the future.
Currently, Nikken Total Sourcing is involved in design and development, mechanical maintenance and all areas of manufacturing.
We have also added sales and office work support and are expanding into new fields such as medical care and construction.

Our “e-Shigoto” site provides easy access to the latest information on local and nationwide job opportunities, making it convenient for those seeking employment or employees in Japan. We also support various work styles through our business outsourcing, temporary staffing and recruitment services. Moreover, we provide training at our specialized training centers around the nation and meet the particular needs of individuals by helping to establish career paths, facilitate career development and expand future employment opportunities.

Nikken Total Sourcing swiftly adapts to the ever-evolving needs of businesses seeking to maximize human resources. Through our on-site management expertise and temporary staffing and outsourcing services, we strive to provide highly effective integrated solutions.

We are committed to offering the best possible opportunities for both those seeking jobs and corporate customers seeking human resources. To meet your highest expectations, we will continue making progress toward becoming Japan’s No.1 outsourcing company.

Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. President, Koji Shimizu